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A Legend Is Born.

Peter O’Brien, the founder of O’Brien Boats, started in the boat building industry on the Parramatta River, Sydney in the early sixties, and in 1965 moved to Townsville North Queensland where he worked at a local boat building slip yard, Matt Taylor & Co, and completed his trade as a Shipwright building fishing trawlers.

While working in the commercial boat building industry Peter acquired a passion for fishing and the Great Barrier Reef. He took advantage of the closeness and diversity of the reef to further his interests in fishing and, in particular, game fishing for pelagic species such as the Black Marlin.

Director Leigh O'BrienIn 1975 Peter was lucky enough to land a 986 Pound Black Marlin fishing a Townsville based 40 Foot vessel The Kirsten. This decided Peter to acquire a Master Class 4 and was the captain of the vessel and others till 1971.

In 1971 Peter & Wife Val opened there own business Peter O’Brien Marine in repair and Maintenance.

With the interest in game fishing and the need for fast, extremely maneuverable boats soon became evident and this resulted in Peter setting up his own business in 1978. Peter’s original business later became incorporated as O’Brien Boats Pty. Ltd. And tooling up for the first O’Brien, the O’Brien 33 OB1 witch was launched 1981.


Peter’s aim was to build vessels that were fast, strong, economical to run and easily maintained.
His layouts were designed to suit both the crew and the client. The vessel also had to be capable of returning a profit to the charter owner.

The O’Brien family has an extensive history and a host of experience in the game fishing industry. They have held many Australian and World records over the years. Peter has stayed very active in game fishing both as an angler and as a captain. Peter’s expertise in this area has resulted in winning many game fishing tournaments both for the boats and anglers.

Peter’s son, Leigh O’Brien (director) a qualified diesel fitter and charter fishing hand works for the company in the engineering and construction side of the business. Leigh has also worked as deck crew during the Cairns to Lizard Island heavy tackle Marlin game fishing season. And has over two decade of experience in this area and the on-board research from a crew point of view.

Peter’s partner/director, Steven Menso commenced as an apprentice boat builder with the company in 1990 and was made a full partner in the business in 1996, Steven is a perfectionist and the finish of the product confirms his way of thinking he is fully qualified in all Boat building procedures, Marine Stainless and Aluminum fabrication and welding.


New O’Brien Custom Carolina Style Models.


In 2002 OBB Re tooled construction for new Custom OB44 hand laminated Game Fishing Cruiser.

In 2004 OBB Re tooled construction for new Custom OB47 hand laminated Game Fishing Cruiser.

In 2007 OBB Re tooled construction for new Custom OB56 hand laminated Game Fishing Cruiser.


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